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ESPACE-K is your KAWASAKI dealer in ST OUEN L'AUMONE (95)

Discover a space dedicated to 2 wheels with new and used vehicles, accessories, biker equipment and all of our services. 
All guided by a team of enthusiasts, also discover their promotions and tips



Your store, located in ST OUEN L'AUMONE (95), is also dedicated to motorcycle accessories and biker equipment with more than 200,000 references. Helmets, jackets, boots, gloves, off-road, tires, workshop with maintenance and repair



Experts in the organization of international maritime and air transport, PROLINAIR handles the shipments of its customers from start to finish:

Collection and consolidation, freight, documentary and customs monitoring, storage, delivery.


PROLINAIR supports its customers in optimizing their supply chain, regardless of the type of goods to be shipped.

Logistics expertise, optimized IT solutions and superior service quality.

Prolinair is a member of IATA, FIATA, and in possession of AEO certification, for a guaranteed superior quality service.



Founded in 2008 by Steve and Brittanie Webster, KOMMANDER INDUSTRIES has established itself thanks to Steve Webster's expertise as a world-renowned mechanic and hull manufacturer, contributing to numerous global titles in stand-up jet ski racing.

Recognized for working with prestigious names and brands such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Polaris, KOMMANDER INDUSTRIES has innovated in the competitive and recreational jet ski sector.


Awarded a Manufacturing Certificate by the United States Coast Guard in 2016, the brand revolutionized the racing world with the launch of the KOMMANDER GP1 hull in 2017, outperforming competitors in performance.

Faced with quality challenges due to the outsourcing of production, KOMMANDER INDUSTRIES brought its manufacturing back to the United States in 2023, integrating engineers and marine composite specialists for cutting-edge production, combining Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, and a vacuum-infused composite manufacturing process.

The enhancements to the hull in 2023 significantly improved its strength, weight, fit, and performance, with high-quality materials sourced exclusively from the USA.


SP Motorsports.png

ISP MOTORSPORT is recognized as one of the top engine tuners, specializing in a wide range of engines from stand-up jetskis to runabouts models.


Thanks to its unmatched expertise and unwavering commitment, SP MOTORSPORT stands out for its constant pursuit of evolution, always aiming to enhance the performance of its setups.


Beyond engines, SP MOTORSPORT also excels in preparing lightweight hulls for runabout jetskis, combining lightness and performance for exceptional machines.

This hard work is regularly reflected on podiums, evidencing the quality and effectiveness of his preparations.



Iconic brand in the world of jet-skiing for pilot equipment. ​


JETPILOT is water sports equipment, work clothing and high-end clothing range designed for those who live and breathe an aquatic lifestyle.

With meticulous design, serious attention to safety, and a progressive commitment to the environment with sustainable production and quality clothing that lasts, JETPILOT creates gear for water seekers and workers who love life at home. sun.


JETPILOT's objective is to restore meaning to clothing by creating not only a brand but a reflection of lifestyle.

JETPILOT's DNA is Australian water culture combined with an obsession with work. The expression of a lifestyle without limits. Protect yourself, express yourself, through the clothes you wear and the adventures you pursue that are life!


COMMENCAL is an iconic bicycle brand based in Andorra la Vella.


Known and present throughout the world, omnipresent in competition, developing bikes with character, often acclaimed and which nevertheless remain accessible to all.

COMMENCAL specializes in mountain bikes (MTB), particularly thanks to their downhill (DH), enduro, e-bike (electric mountain bike) and trail models. ​

Apart from mountain biking, you will find gravels, dirts, bikes for kids, as well as equipment and their own brand of clothing.


Being based in Andorra, COMMENCAL is also skis. ​ Well beyond the material aspect, this brand was built in 2000 thanks to a passionate man, Max Commencal. He knew how to surround himself with the best teams to make COMMENCAL globally known and recognized throughout the world. ​




For two generations, the MAGARINOS establishments, Garage Poids Lourds, have been offering you a complete range of MAN trucks up to 250 tonnes.

Located in Rodez (12), Béziers (34), Aurillac (15), Saint-Flour (15) and Millau (12), and authorized distributors. MAN MAGARINOS ensures the sale of new MAN brand vehicles, the sale of used vehicles for all brands, the sale of spare parts, as well as the breakdown and repair of all your heavy goods vehicles.

At MAGARINOS, the teams of mechanics offer you quality, personalized service for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of all your industrial vehicles.

The storekeepers welcome you, advise you and offer you a wide choice of spare parts, products or various equipment.

A specialist in industrial vehicles, MAN MAGARINOS has acquired real experience in the maintenance and repair of heavy goods vehicles.




Osteopath and posturologist, LAURENT TIFFOUNET also offers neuro training via E(ye)Motion and Catch+Think. ​


How does neuro training with Laurent work? ​

These are one-hour sessions which allow us to optimize what we call: visual perception.


Learn more about your environment, and faster.


But also increase concentration, reason faster and optimize decision-making.

Which means reacting more quickly and efficiently. ​

Initially used as part of optimizing sports performance, these programs are now intended to help everyone. ​


Experts in covering, whether for serial requests or personalized requests, VIZION PUB will be able to offer you the offer that best suits your needs.


VIZION PUB is constantly looking for the best products to offer a wrap that brings together the perfect combo of quality and durability.



Capture d’écran 2023-04-21 à 21.45.46.png

Brice Berranger is a former motorcycle racer with a nice injury resume.

Therapist in sports trauma care, manual and cognitive therapy.

Its goal today is to help athletes relieve pain in the most natural way possible.

It was from there that Brice began to develop his range of dietary supplements and CBD.

His idea is to offer products with a logic of consumption, with a maximum of information and in complete safety.

Emphasis is also placed on the relief of heavy pathologies. 

You will find all the information below:



PG EVENTS takes care of the logistical and technical management for all types of events.
Whether it's trade shows of all kinds (housing, wedding, agriculture, etc.), Oscar noon Olympic evening, sporting events, and many other things.

Located in Grépiac, not far from Toulouse, PG EVENTS travels all over France.

You can entrust your event project and logistics management to PG EVENTS whatever your project.

SmartFilm®  PNG.png


SmartFilm®  PNG.png

SMARTFILM® distributed by Armor Vision is an innovative adhesive film for mask screens, whether for motorcycles, jet-skis or others.


It has been tested by top athletes around the world. ​

It has an ultra-hard coating with hydrophobic properties that prevents mud, water and dust from clinging.


If something sticks like mud, it's easy to wipe it off with the glove. As for the water, it does not stay on it, the vision remains very clear even if there is rain, spray or wind.



L’ASTRAGALE est un cabinet de kinésithérapie spécialisé dans le milieu sportif en région Toulousaine, présidée par Christophe Mahieu.

Elle intervient aussi bien sur le terrain lors d’évènements sportifs que dans des clubs sportifs. La société évolue dans toutes les disciplines sportives et bénéficie, grâce aux kinésithérapeutes qui la compose, d’une expérience de plus 10 années au service du sport et de la kinésithérapie en général.

La société évolue aussi sur le terrain de manifestations sportives de haut niveau comme le motonautisme, l’athlétisme, la voile traditionnelle, le vélo sur piste, le trail, le handball, football…

L’ASTRAGALE est composée d’une équipe de professionnels du médical, experts en sport.

L’équipe est capable de traiter toutes les pathologies.

Ces professionnels assurent des conditions optimales de préparation et de récupérations sportives.

L’ASTRAGALE est aussi formateur à l’Institut de Thérapie Manuelle de Paris ( et aussi en tant qu’expert lors de symposiums médicaux sportifs.




RIDE HOUSE is the Toulouse KAWASAKI, SHERCO and FANTIC dealership based in Muret, next to the karting.

Find a wide choice of new and used motorcycles, jet skis and quads.

Multi-brand maintenance and repair.

Also motorcycle and jet-ski equipment from various brands like Kenny, 100%, Alpinestars...

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